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142750405521.png - (161.75KB , 750x1280 , Sketch275204645.png )
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I want to practice drawing, so I'm taking requests.

Pls be gentle.
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No. 219712
14276751123.jpg - (35.17KB , 650x468 , Hakase_01.jpg )
It's Hakase!
No. 219727
Why is she wearing clothing? Aren't you supposed to draw the human figure in the nude?
No. 219728
Why is she wearing clothing? Aren't you supposed to draw the human figure in the nude?

142759471055.png - (333.51KB , 800x599 , 1401852853836.png )
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So I was called a slut last night, and considering the person who said it, that sounds moderately hypocritical.
So let's have it GET.

How many of you are actual sluts? Are you in denial?
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No. 219724
142768045552.jpg - (221.74KB , 800x906 , Awoo~ (274).jpg )
How do?
No. 219725
142768116938.jpg - (58.49KB , 812x887 , facefoot.jpg )
Oh yeah, that's right. I heard about that.
No. 219726
142768152188.jpg - (139.32KB , 540x468 , 20141219023153369.jpg )
.rar the folder then upload to mega.co.nz or something.

Do the same for your touhou.
And every other folder you may possibly have that isn't gay.

142764136931.jpg - (49.47KB , 500x436 , Ayy.jpg )
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No. 219692
I know, right? I just wish Steve's imam would let me take him out on a date...
No. 219697
>tfw no boipussi near me
No. 219701
Norway is Stallman?

14273295481.png - (167.12KB , 350x407 , 1423514949111.png )
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No. 219617
Oh wait i misread that. I treat her better than most people.
No. 219684
142764148635.png - (212.90KB , 392x349 , 25b1a2096b46e610117bacec0655f1cc.png )

Gud. Then I approve.

Git in those tits, mang
No. 219688
142764636920.png - (142.83KB , 500x500 , 1416042877927.png )

Will do, plus we have good chemistry so it shouldn't be too hard to try and become her bf.

142748385686.jpg - (44.65KB , 680x383 , 0ac.jpg )
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>Implying communism is the real answer for the modern world problems
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No. 219665
142760020879.jpg - (68.98KB , 500x640 , 1426142474530.jpg )
He's weird, just ignore it
No. 219666
14276002931.gif - (18.21KB , 500x400 , closeup.gif )
That much is obvious
No. 219667
142760071778.jpg - (83.62KB , 500x635 , Space Jin (31).jpg )
>He's weird

Damn straight.

142745321710.gif - (3.48MB , 240x240 , incest.gif )
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Have you ever made something useful out of wood? If so, what did you make, and what tools did you use?

Pic unrelated.
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No. 219608
>I will never have Nimbutt work on my home
No. 219610
142758628782.jpg - (261.25KB , 775x1032 , Jo3.jpg )

Not to mention plumbing.

Proper fixtures will make any house seem 10,000 bux more spensive if the counter is gud.
No. 219612
142758745344.jpg - (76.43KB , 512x512 , 02d1834c98546c2e8f69bb3be8245a26.jpg )
Fug. Sounds like a homosex film in the making.

142737575359.jpg - (1.39MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_20150326_134616.jpg )
219281 No. 219281 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>all the snow melts
>its getting warmer
>everyone thinks spring is here and changes to summer tires
>suddenly snowstorm outta nowhere
>half a metre of wet snow
>society crashes as traffic and public transport goes to shit
How do you cope with the weather trying to kill you?
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No. 219351
14274182378.jpg - (134.54KB , 730x310 , 1137.jpg )
But of course. The current liberal government will need to be overthrown. The first California Republic was set up through a revolution, so why shouldn't the second one be?
No. 219364
14274298934.png - (1.06MB , 1185x1440 , sakurasou basketball.png )
We had some weird weather this year. I dunno how it was for the rest of the country but we had a snow day followed and preceded by 40~50 degree weather recently.
No. 219598
142758039527.png - (236.27KB , 395x350 , ALL THE STEPS WE TAKE, ALL THE MOVES WE MAKE, AAAA.png )
>It's snowing again

142757506051.jpg - (7.85KB , 184x184 , 85a20e6721e539e454341f3279baf25da6ebda4b_full.jpg )
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No. 219588
Why limit ourselves to pony chans? There's literally no reason in doing that.
No. 219589

Link some with more traffic that aren't #chans.
No. 219590
I don't see why they can't be numbered chans, but okay.


142720849918.jpg - (64.84KB , 900x900 , angry_pepe.jpg )
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>Has to sign papers because college
>Prepares shit to sign
>Then suddenly, school principal calls in, he needs me in the school to talk about my cousin
>Drive all the way to hell
>She's flunking at math again
>Listens to whatever else he has to say
>Driving back home
>Another call
>BF needs me to sign authorization papers for some changes at the new apartment which we didn't even moved yet
>drives all the way to the place where i signed the apartment contract and then two other places
>arriving home
>moona is now sick, mom asks me to take moona to vet
>driving all the way back to hell²
>pays the vet, has to wait for clinical exams
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 219551
142752694587.gif - (185.94KB , 345x345 , yui hair dryer.gif )
No, I just save over everything because in design, the previous version is shit anyway. If I have something I might want to go back to, it exists in a hidden layer in the file.
No. 219553
Anyhow, it's pretty much back to normal now. Yay me.
No. 219554
Just make it Mein-proofed, doofus.

Gud jab. Hope you don't do it again, Mein.

142739638311.jpg - (29.53KB , 199x193 , HumanCattle.jpg )
219297 No. 219297 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>Slender: The Arrival
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No. 219384
142743881877.png - (157.90KB , 500x298 , moon.png )

I still can't find that fucking cartridge
No. 219404
I found one at work and they gave it to me.
No. 219413
142746704316.jpg - (45.78KB , 576x480 , 1425810573968.jpg )
>Heros of the storm

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